A Collector's Guidebook

from by Mr. & Mrs. Smith



A Collector's Guidebook

So I started off on this trip, not knowin exactly what I'd need.
Some birthed their way via Dreamland
Thankfully that took some of the pressure off
Slowly but surely like Humpty Dumpty
A process of taking a part and putting it all back together
Though I'd say it doesn't quite look right
The workings seem to keep the time
A Universal tic toc

A Collector's Guidebook A-Z

A-Apocalypse(A Complex)
B-Boots(Thick Skin)
C-Caves(Spanish ones, accessible by small watercraft)
D-Distressed(Items and Souls)
E- Electricity(Not that kind)
F-Faces(like masks floatin about)
G-Glue(Some things have to be sticky)
H-Heat(An Artistic Mirage, add an R you've a heart)
I-Imagination(To remove bored boredom from the dictionary, all languages)
J-Joker(Remember this, relax your shoulders, have some fun)
K-Knights in White Satin
L-Love, Life, Lust, Loss, Lost, Light, Limp
M-Move, Moody, Elevated Superbly lit movie
N-Necessary Evils
O-Onsite Stenographer
P-Personal(Don't let them tell you otherwise)
Q-Quick reflexes
S-(Saloon stories and secrets, We've all got em)
T-Trucks and Titillatin time
V-Voice(A voice is a voice)
W-Why's, and Why Not's and Women, I Wonder)
X-Come on, It marks the spot, what else is it good for?
Y- Y You
&- ampersand after ampersand
Z- Zoo,
That's all
So I know I've missed a lot
But, We all know
Sometimes Words Just Can't Do Justice


from A Collector's Guidebook, released September 11, 2010




Mr. & Mrs. Smith Florida

Mr. & Mrs. Smith is Hollis Smith,
A fiery brand of blues and deep southern noir with experimental plays on sound and song structures, sparse, and haunting.
let's go Honky Tonkin.
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