I Insist

I'm a secret, I don't exist
Said Incest to Insist
But how can you not exist?
I Insist, it must be you Incest
It's too small out there
Not Necessarily
But, Too many things are related
and without you Incest It doesn't make sense
One is drawn to, what closely resembles, related to oneself
But, Insist
I Insist, It's not me
Those are just coincidences
But, What about the Blue Blood?
I'm a Secret, I don't Exist
How many people would admit
Round and round a small town
not too hard to do
Before you know You've got a show
It's a family affair
Family affair
And what about the sayin?
Keep it in the family
I'm a Secret I don't Exist
I Insist
I Insist


from A Collector's Guidebook, released September 11, 2010




Mr. & Mrs. Smith Florida

Mr. & Mrs. Smith is Hollis Smith,
A fiery brand of blues and deep southern noir with experimental plays on sound and song structures, sparse, and haunting.
let's go Honky Tonkin.
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