Fully functioning psychotic
Every step makin noise
A warnin
Oh jingle, Oh jangle, a boot trot
She's not in hidin
It's the new age of sirens callin
Hope, Love, Dreamers, The ones with trance like eyes, Sadness
Clawin their way, hesitantly, knowin it is a suicide mission
With sighs, They all agree, It's the only way
So they call, so they draw, they stomp, and sing
Paradin the new old beat
It's the new age of sirens callin
Heard through even the simplest of sounds.
Loneliness, Self deprivation, Self Preservation, Manic Depressive, Bipolar, Split Personality, Disorder this, Disorder that, Crazy, Delusional
Call It what you will
Fully functioning psychotic
It's just a new sane
It's the new old age of sirens
Sirens callin


from A Collector's Guidebook, released September 11, 2010




Mr. & Mrs. Smith Florida

Mr. & Mrs. Smith is Hollis Smith,
A fiery brand of blues and deep southern noir with experimental plays on sound and song structures, sparse, and haunting.
let's go Honky Tonkin.
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